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QC LGU Explores the Future of Digital Transformation with Google

On March 14, 2024, Quezon City Local Government Unit (QC LGU) recently convened a meeting with Google and its partners to explore the potential of digital transformation within the city’s administration.

The event began with a warm welcome from Mr. Ferdie Saputil of Google, setting a positive tone for the discussions to follow. Mr. Paul Rene Padilla, representing QC LGU, delivered a keynote address that emphasized the city’s commitment to automating manual processes, improving efficiency, and enhancing public service delivery through technology.

Mr. James Mendoza of MaroonStudios expressed his gratitude for the three-year partnership with QC LGU, highlighting the collaboration’s success in advancing the city’s digital capabilities.

A focal point of the meeting was Mr. BobKhan’s informative discussion on Google Cloud and Security solutions. His insights provided a valuable perspective on how the city could leverage Google’s secure and scalable cloud infrastructure to achieve its digital transformation goals.

The meeting then delved into the specifics of Google Workspace and Gemini. Ms. Rochelle Mendoza presented a comprehensive overview of QC LGU’s Google Workspace subscription details, including the number of used and available licenses. This analysis offered a clear picture of the city’s current utilization of Google’s productivity tools.

Mr. Erick Olavidez took the stage to discuss the adoption of Google Workspace within QC LGU. He highlighted underutilized features like Google Chat and Google Meet, encouraging the city to maximize their potential for collaboration and communication. Furthermore, Mr. Olavidez provided a compelling demonstration of Gemini, showcasing its innovative features and integration with Google Workspace.

The meeting concluded with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and a clear path forward for QC LGU’s digital transformation journey. With Google’s technology and expertise, the city is poised to automate processes, improve efficiency, and ultimately better serve its constituents in the digital age.

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