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Google Boosts Southeast Asia Cybersecurity with Security Operations Conference

Google Cloud recently hosted a major Security Operations Conference in Southeast Asia, bringing together a diverse group of security professionals from across the region. The event focused on empowering attendees with the latest security solutions, tools, and strategies from Google, fostering collaboration, and enhancing regional cybersecurity resilience. MaroonStudios’ Site Reliability Engineering Head, Jason Obrero, was among those who attended the event.

Key Highlights:

  • Hands-On Workshops: A core component of the conference was a series of in-depth workshops. These interactive sessions delved into the practical aspects of:
    • Security Event Automation and Orchestration: Participants learned how to streamline security operations, automating responses to threats and incidents, freeing up valuable time for analysis and investigation.
    • Chronicle Integration: The workshops explored the integration of various Chronicle security tools, demonstrating how organizations can leverage this platform for enhanced threat detection and response.
    • Google Security Operations Product Suite: Attendees gained hands-on experience with key Google security products like Mandiant Threat Intelligence, Chronicle SIEM and SOAR, and VirusTotal malware analysis, understanding how to combine these tools for a comprehensive security posture.
  • Networking Opportunities: Beyond the workshops, the conference offered ample opportunities for networking and knowledge exchange. Security professionals from diverse industries and organizations connected with their peers, sharing insights and best practices.
  • Enhanced Cybersecurity Preparedness: Through equipping security teams with cutting-edge knowledge and tools, the conference aimed to significantly enhance the region’s cybersecurity preparedness. Participants left the event with practical strategies to streamline workflows, improve threat detection, and ultimately bolster their organizations’ defenses.

In Summary:

The Google Security Operations Conference in Southeast Asia underscores Google’s commitment to strengthening cybersecurity in the region. Through fostering collaboration and providing access to world-class security solutions and expertise, the event empowers security professionals to better protect organizations and individuals from evolving cyber threats.

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